FCMPASS Software Download


Single EV flow cytometry calibration and reporting software

Release Notes


  • FCMPASS login through license server.
  • Automated updates are now possible.
  • FCMPASS Directory is now hidden and not user defined
  • FCMPASS directory importing now facilitated


  • Cytometer cataloguing now supported.
  • Rainbow multipeak particle cataloguing now supported.
  • Automated bead cross-calibration supported
  • MIFlowCyt-EV

Experiment Calibration

  • Surface area to diameter and volume to diameter fluorescence transformations supported
  • Weight regression supported by default to increase regression exptrapolation reliability.
  • Datasets no longer static--deleting calibration particles in catalogue will trigger software to check any datasets using calibration particles and will warn the user.
  • Duplicating experiments now possible.
  • Support for negative transforms now possible when using logarithmic regressions.
  • Cytometer specific bead cross-calibrations in catalogye can be used for experimental calibration.
  • Duplicating experiments now possible.
  • FCMPASS Output
    • Cross-calibration reporting
    • MIFlowCyt report outputted
    • Instrument settings outputted
    • Summary page
    • MIFlowCyt-EV automation improved
    • .exRNA file written for nanoflow repository integration
Release Notes:
  • Update: Quanteon fcs files now supported.
  • Update: MESF calibration accuracy improved.
  • Update: Failed .fcs writes are now logged in ErrorLog.txt for debugging.
Release Notes:
  • Update: FACSAria fcs files now supported.
  • Update: extracting threshold settings from fcs file made more reliable across instrument platforms and acquisition software versions.
Release Notes:
  • New: Software looks for updates on start-up.
  • Bug fix: output report no longer results in error when writing multiple fluorescence calibrations with varying reference bead array sizes.
  • Update: removal of redunatant preferences from v2.
  • Update: database has improved accuracy with scattering cross section units.
  • New: bead catalogue can now append reference bead sets and reference bead information.
  • Bug fix: bead catalogue no longer has errors when adding multiple overlapping bead sets.
Release Notes:
  • Bug fix: updates to handle experiments with multiple thresholds per channel
Release Notes:
  • Bug fix: written fcs files now work with FCSExpress
Release Notes:
  • Update: Calibration figures are exported into .png files rather than .ps
Release Notes:
  • Bug fix: unable to remove bead set from catalogue
Release Notes:
  • Bug fix: unable to add beads to catalogue on some computers
Release Notes:
  • New: Software user interface update enabling cytometer database and dataset tracking
  • New: Fluorescence and light scatter calibration bead cataloguing
  • New: Fluorescence calibration allows for F:P ratio alterations
  • New: Light scatter calibration allows for multiple customisable core-shell and homogeneous sphere compositions
  • New: Light scatter calibration autoatically adjusts for refractive index across models when wavelength is altered
  • New: Light scatter calibration is ~10x faster to calculate with storage being ~5x smaller
  • New: fcs file outputs now retain cytometer metadata from the original files
  • New: Output folder contains spreadsheet with MIFlowCyt-EV report and figures for all calibrations reference in the report
Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug with writing scatter-cross section to .fcs file
  • Fixed bug creating multiple timestamp folders if export took longer than 1 minute
Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug where multiple scattering cross-section conversion parameters were listed if calculated multiple times
  • New: error message appears if criteria not fulfilled when conducting fluorescence
  • New: plot diameter and scattering axis can be resized without recalculating
Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug saving scatter bead datasets
  • Fixed bug saving MESF bead datasets
  • Fixed bug stopping writing to some .fcs files
  • Fixed bug with RI conversions
  • Fixed bug indexing custom angles
Release Notes:
  • New: Updated user interface and loading screens
  • New: more efficient database storage and search system
  • New: Creation of error log file in database folder
  • New: Light scatter modelling up to 800 nm illumination wavelengths
  • Fixed error stopping softwate update search
  • Fixed error in the database storage v2.12
  • Increased start-up speed
  • New: Added user preferences for default input settings
  • New: Added control over a number of graph properties
  • New: Ability to turn parallel computing off (issue for some users)
  • New: Added further metadata for data tracking and reporting
  • New: Added ability to transpose scatter data
  • New: Added help tab in menu bar for reporting bugs and linking how-to guides
  • New: Scatter-Diameter plot does not plot threshold when set to 0
  • New: Exported .fcs file data folders are unique stopping overwriting
  • Fixed spelling error in scatter diameter plot legend
  • New: Adds ability to plot datapoints without using the data to approximate collection angle
  • New: Adds ability to plot predicted light scatter curves without needing reference bead data input
  • New: Adds ability to remove predicted vesicle light scatter range from scat-diam plot.
  • New: Adds ability to customize vesicle channel intercept diameter
  • New: Adds ability to remove EV curves entirely
  • Predicted vs. Acquired plot changed to 'Fold-Difference' by default due to better accuracy.
  • New: Adds coloured reference background to the 'Fold-Difference' plot indicating whether beads fit well or not.
  • Fixed bug stopping the deletion of light scatter bead datasets
Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug causing crash if directory window was cancelled upon startup
  • Fixed bug in setting minimum y-axis limits for scatter-diameter curve
  • New: Added predicted vs. acquired scatter ratio plot
  • New: Added ability to manually update bead directory
Release Notes:
  • New: No limit to input values (previously capped at 10)
  • New: Database integration avoids re-calculation of the same data twice
  • New: fcs file integration
  • New: Diameter determination from fcs
  • New: RI determination from fcs
  • New: SSC to scatter-cross section conversion
  • New: Write parameters to .fcs file format
  • New: Refractive index-diameter plot output
  • New: Predicted vs. Acquired scatter regression output
  • New: Integration of MESF regression